We are pleased to offer HIPAA compliant Telehealth

In these times during the pandemic, doing your sessions through Telehealth makes a lot of sense. In many cases, when we are getting to know you during the intake stage, doing those sessions through Telehealth makes that process quicker and less time consuming. Then the in person sessions can be done in nature or around the animals at the convenience of everyone's schedule. Or for instance, we can set a plan for once a month in person sessions and the rest via Telehealth. We are flexible and invite you to give Telehealth a try on your path to progress.

The easiest Telehealth tool you will ever use

Our Telehealth platform is your gateway to your online sessions.

No downloading required.

No special login or password needed.

♥  You can quickly join sessions with a simple, secure session link.


The easiest HIPAA compliant video conferencing tool ever


No worries about your audio or video being recorded.

You can join sessions from desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.

You can screenshare to go over records, worksheets or homework.

You can have others join your sessions from where ever they are.

Our Telehealth works from your Client Portal

You can join sessions right from your Client Portal. 

You can access records or other things on your computer while in session.

You will love our fully moveable and dockable video conferencing window.

You can have treatment from the comfort of your own home.


5 Reasons To Use Telehealth

1. Saves Time

Doing your sessions through our Telehealth Portal saves the time of going back and forth to our office which could be more time spent traveling than being in the session itself.

2. Convenient

Do your Telehealth session from the comfort of home, your car, or anywhere you have privacy and quiet with a good internet connection.

3. Safe

Our Telehealth Portal is safe, secure and certified HIPAA compliant so you can rest assured your privacy is protected. Also, with the current COVID-19 pandemic there is no risk of exposure.

4. Affordable

While many service providers charge hundreds of dollars per session we have very affordable rates and, for those who self-pay, a sliding scale based on federal income index. Also, a growing number of insurance companies may cover our Telehealth services which we can check for you.

5. Satisfaction

Telehealth has been growing rapidly over the years with patients reporting high levels of satisfaction in their online sessions. Studies have shown nearly 10% of Americans use telehealth and now with COVID-19 more and more people are signing up.

Check your internet speed for Telehealth.

We only need 10mbs.