HAI Sessions

human animal interaction mini donkey smilingHUMAN-ANIMAL INTERACTION

HAI Sessions

nCHAI focuses on interactions of humans with animals in a natural environment for the benefit of both.

nCHAI offers HAI Sessions which administer a therapeutic medium to support the behavioral wellness of children, adults and families. The facilities provide a nature-based environment on dozens of acres, with fields, groves and ponds, for people to interact with many different animals including many breeds of equine, horses, ponies, donkeys, as well as goats, cows, pigs, llamas, alpacas, birds, cats, dogs and various wildlife.

The methodologies used begin with basics, to teach each person how to properly interact with animals, how to provide proper care for animals, as well as the environment, which develops real life skills focusing on empathy, trust and nurturing. Being in the nature-centered environment also teaches about conservation and sustainability, farming, work ethic and responsibility. These teachings advocate a natural progression of positive behaviors from people who are in turn taught to apply what they have learned to their own relationships with others, and just as importantly, to themselves as building blocks to self-esteem, self-worth, self-discipline, and self-respect.

HAI Sessions are offered as a standard 1-hour session and as an extended 1.5-hour session which allows more time for therapeutic nature-walks. Three commitment programs are offered in 10 week durations.


HAI Sessions

10 Week Program







1.5 hours

1 Standard Session

per week

1 Extended Session

per week

2 Extended Sessions per week

Payments: Out-of-Network Insurance, Agency Programs, Grants, Self-Pay, Sliding Scale.



HAI Session curriculum developed by

Dr. Sandra Blanton, PhD, LMHC, in Memoriam


Felicia Bass, Executive Director

Lisa Vance, B.A.Psy., Advisor

Jacqueline A. Bartlett M.D., Advisor

Valerie Schroeder, M.S.ed, Advisor


Rev January 1, 2019