Client Portal FAQ

nCHAI Client Portal uses the TheraNest platform which is HIPAA compliant.

All data is encrypted and stored securely using Amazon Web Services.

Amazon’s servers infrastructure are certified, ensure the highest physical security and guarantee a 99.9% uptime. You can read more at

Amazon Web Services are also, HIPAA, and SOC compliant. AWS has achieved ISO 27001 certification and is a Level 1 service provider under the PCI DSS standards We perform continuous data backups and snapshots.

All data in TheraNest are also encrypted using SSL in transit, and encrypted at rest.

If you have requested a Password Reset email for your Client Portal account and didn't receive one, there are a few different things you'll need to check:

1. Make sure you are logging into the correct website. nCHAI has a unique login website for Client Portal users. The correct website is

2. Make sure you're using the exact Registered Email Address we have on file you. Is it possible you have your Client Portal account registered with an alternative email address? If so, try to login/reset your password with that one.

3. Check your spam folder. It's possible that the email has been generated but sent to your spam folder.

If you're still having login issues after checking these three things, please let us know by sending us an email at and we're happy to investigate further for you!

You may send all documents to us through your Client Portal as an attachment to a secure message.

1. Click on Inbox in the header of your client portal.

2. Click on the Compose button.

3. In the To field choose the staff assigned to your case and add a subject to your message.

4. Craft a message in the body.

5. Below the body of the message there is a blue link that says, Attach a File. Click it.

6. Once you see your file is attached click Send.

This article contains a video on how to create your Client Portal account as well as complete and submit intake forms.

In the form view, the Back button and the Save/Next button are located on the right and left side side of the screen. On a computer or larger tablet the screen is wide enough to display these buttons. On a smaller tablet or smartphone the screen may not be wide enough to display the buttons properly. If you can not see the buttons on your mobile device try these steps.

  • Turn the phone sideways to the "landscape" position, this will make the screen wider.
  • Use the Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser.
  • In the Google Chrome browser, check the "Desktop site" check box in the chrome settings menu, and then you'll have exactly the same screen as on a computer (just smaller).




The "Signing Party" on the forms can be different depending on which form is being filled out. The selections you will see are these:

Relationship to Client

  • Self Minor (17 years old or under)
  • Self Adult
  • Parent
  • Spouse
  • Legal Guardian
  • Proxy
  • Surrogate
  • Attorney-In-Fact
  • Other

For forms that require a legal binding signature, for instance Informed Consent, the Signing Party must be an "Adult". These forms will not have the "Self Minor" option for "Relationship to Client". When this occurs the "Adult" must enter their Full Name as Signing Party and selects their "Relationship to Client".  

For questionnaires that do not require a legal signature, for instance Nature Animal Questionnaire, the Signing Party can be an adult or a minor. In many cases it may be someone helping the Client fill out the form.

  • If the Signing Party "IS" the Client, they must enter their Full Name and select either "Self Minor" or "Self Adult".
  • If the Signing Party "IS NOT" the Client, they must enter their Full Name and select their "Relationship to Client".

The application will walk you through completing the forms.

After you have read the form or completed all sections click the Next button to advance to the next page.

Clicking NEXT saves your information! So if you need to logout and come back later just be sure to click "next" to save your information. 

**You MUST click the Next button at least once every 2 hours to save your information otherwise you will be kicked out due to inactivity. **


At the top of the intake forms, you can track your progress.

After you have completed the form you will be prompted to create your signature. 

Click Save Signature once you've created your signature and then choose Sign & Submit.  All entered information will then be sent to your provider.

After the intake packet has been signed and submitted, you can download the forms by clicking Download signed intake forms as PDF from the confirmation message.

You can download the forms at any other time by clicking Forms at the top left of your portal account. 

If there are new forms we send you, you can find them in this same section; a number indicating pending forms will appear. 

From the Forms page you can fill out new forms sent after intake, track your pending and submitted forms, as well as download completed forms.

We send out your invite directly from our TheraNest secure email server. So it is possible your email provider (gmail, yahoo, etc.) may have put the email into your spam folder. Or it is possible we do not have the correct email address. Here's what you can do.

1. Check your spam folder for our invite.

2. Check that you gave us exactly the correct email address.

3. Contact us here. Let us know you have not received the invite and we will send you another one.


If we have activated self-schedule option in your account you will be able to schedule appointments in your portal and you will see an +Add Appointment button then that is the case for you. If not you can contact us to ask to activate self-schedule via message in your portal or via email to

You can create a new appointment in the Client Portal account by clicking New Appointment at the top and selecting your assigned Staff from the list.  You should not try to schedule an appointment with anyone else.  

1. Select the Staff member form the list.

2. Select the location for the appointment

3.  Select the Service Type for your appointment.

4. Double click the time in the calendar to create an appointment. They grey area is unavailable time that you cannot schedule in. Also, you will be unable to book an appointment more than 2 months out.

5. Adjust the time and date accordingly then click Save to create the appointment.

 5. If you have not created an account with the Client Portal then you will need to enter additional information to create the appointment. After you have entered your information click Submit New Appointment.

 6. If you have already created an account click Submit New Appointment.

 7. You will receive an email notifying you that the appointment is awaiting confirmation.

 8. You will receive an email notifying you once the Therapist has been confirmed.