» We do accept some insurance plans however for some insurance companies we are considered an “out-of-network” provider. If you are considering using insurance, we recommend you contact your carrier and see if pre-authorization is required for reimbursement or they might not pay for services. We will be glad to help you with this.

» If you are using your insurance, we require your current insurance information before scheduling appointments.  We will contact your insurance company to receive a verification of benefits for your health plan.  We monitor your insurance coverage to make sure you remain eligible for the services we provide.

» We rely on the coverage information given to us your insurance company, which we then relay to you, so you can make the proper financial and treatment decisions for yourself and your family.


» We will submit your claims to your insurance company.  Submitted claims are sent showing the amount we charge, along with the amount you have paid for a certain visit or series of visits.

» Your insurance company will process these claims in accordance with the benefits of your health plan.  The insurer will let us know what your plan covers, including a breakdown of the amount the patient is responsible to pay and any amounts that are not covered.

» If the amount processed by your insurer differs from the amount we were initially quoted or the amount collected at the time of visit, then you will be required to pay any balance due. If you disagree with the way your claim was processed, you should contact your insurance company directly with any questions and explanation of the benefits.

» If your insurance company finds a mistake in the way they processed your claim, please call our billing department to let us know immediately.

Copayment, Coinsurance, Deductibles

» Copay is the amount you have to pay for each appointment.  A copay generally allows the client to know what they are expected to pay, as it is usually the same amount at all appointments.

» Coinsurance is different than a copay, because it may differ from one appointment to another.  When your plan requires payment of a coinsurance, you pay a percentage of the fee.  This usually means that the first appointment will cost you more than subsequent follow up appointments.

» Deductible is the total amount that the client must pay (usually each year) before the insurance company will pay any claims.  Generally, after the insurance company processes claims showing the patient has paid the amount equal to the deductible, the patient will be responsible for a Coinsurance amount.

Self Pay

» For Clients that do not have insurance coverage or do not want to use insurance we do offer self pay for each visit or program.

» For self-pay we offer a sliding scale which you would need to apply for to see if you qualify. To find out click here

» You may consider the following when deciding whether or not to use insurance. The advantage to using insurance is reimbursement for all or part of services. However, there can be drawbacks to using insurance which include a loss of confidentiality and a loss of control of treatment.

» Confidentiality. In order for insurance coverage to be approved, there is sensitive personal information that may be required to be provided to your insurance company. These often include a name, social security number, diagnosis, personal history or treatment plans. We have no control over that information once it leaves our secure client portal. This creates additional concern on how your private information is being stored or accessed by others including the possibility of sensitive information being given to outside parties.

» Control of Treatment. Many insurance companies that manage your care will often require authorizations or provide a limit to the number of services you may receive if they pay. This may add a strain on continuing service if recommendations for continuing services are not accepted by the insurance company, then the services can be disrupted or terminated earlier than anticipated. There are studies that show a decrease in client satisfaction when insurance companies place limitations on the number of services or session. When the quantity or frequency of your sessions rely on the insurance company, it places your treatment out of our control. Most often treatment seems to be most effective when both therapist and client make the decisions rather than the insurance company.

Fee Schedule

» Individual Therapy Sessions $120 per hour, Psychiatrist $240 per hour.

» Other fees for services and programs available on request.


Please feel free to contact our staff for any questions regarding billing, payments and insurance. To send us a message click here.