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Human-Animal Interaction

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Human-Animal Interaction

Human-Animal Interaction

Human-Animal Interaction

The Ultimate Milieu


In nature we naturally feel better

Something happens to us when we step into the natural world. We somehow become more gentle, caring human beings and when that happens, healing begins, not only for us but for those around us.

We are made up of so many different components and although each of us are unique individuals, we have much in common. One thing we all can profoundly relate to is the natural world if we simply give ourselves a chance.

A step into nature, a walk about, fresh air, and interaction with animals, immediately changes our chemical balance. We almost immediately feel joy and negativity begins to leave our psyche.

It is with this natural miracle that we grow beyond where we are.

In your journey, we invite you, to grow on our pathway to natural healing and learning, in nature, surround by animals and all of God's creatures great and small.

~ Felicia Cristiani Bass

Our work with nature and the animals

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